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Webster defines consult as “to seek the opinion or advice of another person for making a decision.” Using consultants properly improves the quality of your decisions and thus the viability and profitability of your project or business.

When investigating a market opportunity or starting a business venture, you need to make a thorough outline of all of the skills, resources and information needed to complete the task. Many of these may be provided by you and the other individuals involved in the project. However, you will probably realize that no one has all the skills necessary to thoroughly investigate a market opportunity or start a value-added agriculture business.

So you will probably need to use consultant(s). You may use them to conduct a feasibility analysis, help create your business, do “due diligence” on a project, or other purpose. The discussion below focuses on selecting and using private consultants.

  • Aquaculture projects
  • Crop farming
  • Livestock
  • Mechanization and automation
  • Land acquisition and documentation
  • Solar and off grid electrification
  • Eco-friendly Building and construction
  • Legal advice on agro and non agro related cases