African farmers supporter

AFBF is a Non-Governmental Continental Federation and
Incorporated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where AFBF has its Continental
Head office for Africa. AFBF international Head quarters is based in
Moscow, Russian Federation.

2.2 In keeping with its neutral “Living Being” philosophy, AFBF is a non-
political, non-partisan, non-sexist or gender-biased, non-faith based, and

purposed only for the mobilization and uniting of African Citizens
through its International, Continental and Regional structures to
aggressively fight Against Poverty and Hunger in Africa by employing
Innovative Techniques.
2.3 Regional Registered Offices of the continental AFBF will be in
Sudan for North Africa, Ethiopia for East Africa, Chad for Central Africa,
Guinea for West Africa and Malawi for Southern Africa.