Practical organic farming

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Sustainable agriculture

When there were no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, all farmers practiced
organic farming. Farmers used what was freely available around them; they
did not particularly need money. Everything around them – in nature,
byproducts of farming, any organic matter, etc. – was highly valued and
treated with respect. Organic farming is not new to us. For thousands of
years, farming belonged to the farmers. Historically there were almost no instances
when a farmer could not farm because he had no money. A man with
no means of living should at least be able to live off the land. One should be
able to resort to farming when one has no money. But nowadays, one should
already have money in order to do farming. There are so many things to buy,
invest and equip.
Organic farming today has evolved into a strange system where you have to
“buy expensive things from afar instead of valuing what is near and cheap.”
Why? Because manufacturers, distributors and retailers of farm inputs were behind
the development of organic farming to shape it into its current form.
their profit-seeking attitude motivated the development of agricultural technologies to that effect.
Organic farming is not something new. It is still vivid in our memories.
method practiced by our ancestors holds the key to solving the problem of
high-cost modern organic farming. It contains an entire system of utilizing microorganisms,
liquid fertilizers and doing pest control. We are open to new
methods developed by members. New methods and techniques are being continuously
incorporated into the AgroLife system to shape an organic farming
that is much lower-cost, easier and simpler than conventional farming. Africans
should be proud as the founders of organic farming. Stop looking for answers
in “modern Western” agriculture and neglect the thousands of years of our organic
farming history.
AgroLife Organic Farming
Let us bring farming back to the farmers. Nobody else but “I” should be the
farming expert. Only then will you recover the viability of your farming. Let us
stop increasing cost with the dream of selling at high prices and making big
money. Viability means that you should still be able to make ends meet after
selling at market price because you have succeeded in reducing the cost to an
ultra-low level. I immensely believe that AgroLife will provide hope for farmers of all
countries in this age where trade of agricultural products are becoming more
and more free, price competition is becoming more intense.

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