Organic farming

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From AgroLife’s perspective, a technology does not qualify as “organic” just
because it excludes chemicals. If organic farming cannot compete with conventional
farming in terms of productivity and price, not many people will choose
to practice organic farming. Many people say you have to do organic farming
for the environment and people’s health, but people will choose to do organic
farming only when it is profitable. To be profitable, it has to be simple and
doable, cost-saving and cheap, scientific and effective.
Only then will organic farming replace conventional farming. If organic
farming keeps being something that you “should” do because it is something
good “despite” the high-cost and difficulty; then it will forever be something
practiced by a minority. It is time organic farming take off its two drawbacks:
being difficult and being expensive. Try AgroLife organic farming that is easy
and low-cost. AgroLife promotes four aims:
● Simple: principles are simple
● Easy: easy to make
● Scientific: methodology is scientific
● Effective: process is highly effective and low-cost
AgroLife has striven to create an agricultural system based on SESE because
we believe that only when a system of farming has achieved SESE will farmers
embrace it voluntarily and in significant numbers. AgroLife organic farming-
SESE was made possible because the foundation was laid down by the pioneers
of organic farming and a knowledge was shared by many organic growers that
supported AgroLife. SESE holds the key to high-quality and high-yield.

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